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Welcome To My Home Page
under construction ;)
A Faeri Blessing
"Autumn haired and Summer eyed, golden wings of mirth surrounded, soar on Winter's breathing breeze through and over crystal streams and hide behind the dragon's scream, whisper soft and sweet and low harmonies the Winds can blow to war-torn fields a life away and maidens fresh as Spring's display, haunt the Forest with your tears, conquer all your deepest fears, through all eternity your wings be swift and merry be your Song, always behind you joy be left till saddness all be gone."
Oi! Hallo ^_^
Happy Springtime to the northern hemisphere!

Always remember to play in the puddles
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Favourite Quotes
"Don't know 'em, don't owe 'em." ~ Gillanighe

"Do what you must, do all you can, break all the fuckin' rules and go to hell with Superman and die like a champion ya-hay" love Bad Religion ~ Loot K. Nup

"Fellatio con queso" ~ Raven

"You can be certain someone loves you and vice-versa when that person forces you to be yourself even when you are afraid to be." ~ Keth

"Flame on." ~ Sasparilla Boy

"Can you see it?" ~ Najshakti

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