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um, um, um..... *shrug*
i write. i dance. i sing.
i love apples. i love cats. i'm a hug junkie. "i believe in the power of love" (Deee-lite)
i am a transgenderified bi-boy trapped in a girl's body, but i don't really mind so much. i am a shaman. i talk to Faeries, and ghosts, and nature spirits. i believe in reincarnation, and remember several lifetimes. um... i have the most wonderful friends and family ^_^ *hugs* to them all.

I grew up in a Wood, in the meadow, in a cherry tree, on a horse, slept on the roof of a faeri tor under a tree. I spent my afternoons in a Thorn tree, or finding strawberries. Mornings in the meadow, under the mist and hidden in the oats, late afternoon naps with furry mewing family, I feel I was very lucky.

The Story Behind My Site
just a form of expression i suppose, a collection of random words and images, bits of me... i've been trying to put my pieces together all my life, doesn't everyone?

I had the most beautiful dream last night. We'll not begin at the beginning. I insisted on running down a hillside covered in brambles, it was a very steep hill and I slid alot. Beyond and at the base, a meadow with clusters of the most lovely slender white mushrooms. Some of them were almost up to my knee. I lay down to look at one and as I was watching a small bird landed on it. The bird was hand size, iridescent purple, blue, and green, very dark against the overcast sky. Its tail feathers billowed with a slight breeze. When the bird flew, I discovered the reason why I must tell you, "this is the most beautiful bird I've ever seen", it did not beat its wings to fly. It curled forward across the top of the mushroom and waited for the right wind, then fell backwards and opened its wings. - Humm...

As with any creature, there must be a space for Them. I grant Them one. Traditional methods are such for a reason, they work. I feed Them, all organic if possible; butter, milk or cream, and honey primarily. "Faeri Traps" include almost any pretty trinket, generally small and shiny. They also seem to enjoy ribbon-style windsocks (fly through them) especially the holographic ones, shiny and amusement ride all in one. However, food and amusement are not the real issue. One must allow Them to be as They trully are, no pre-ordained misconceptions. *Shrug* "Must be the Faeries", sound familiar? One must be ready to respect Them as you would any new member of a household, grant Them their quirts. They detest being ignored, and can be as insistant as children. If They are ignored, They will leave. I owe Them some attention at this very moment but They're being tolerant since I'm discussing Them. I repeat, You must let Them be simply Faeries, They are Not baby angels, aliens, or spirits waiting to be born, (did I leave any misconception unnamed?). They are Fae and should be referred to as such, separate from those misnomers. They have Their own history, no need to borrow from another's. One must believe, and listen.

1.)What is your definition of Faerie and faeries? Rather indescribeable, descendants of the spirit home Archadi, variously inversed; is, always was / will be.

2.)Do you believe in faeries? I have faith in them, they're family.

3.)Why do some people use the word "elf, and others "fairy" , or "fae", etc.? It all depends on the person; their heritage and upbringing, influences read, heard, seen, or felt. Often different "fae" prefer different titles,( guaranteed a kelpie is always a kelpie).

4.) Have you had any experiences with Faerie? Too numerous to list here...

5.) Do you find it annoying when (some) people assume fairies are all "tiny" and "winged" fantasy beings? Why? Annoying, yes, however most assumptions are the result of poor education, not everyone is born aware or encouraged to listen to the Whisperers. Forgivable.

6.) What are your religious/spiritual beliefs? Do they conflict with your love/belief in faeries? Archadi/spirit home, ever mutable... Faeries are my family and I'm about as fierce as one can be in my devotion to them. This is my religion.